Modi and the money acche din
Follow the Money

Lord of the Lottery Rings

The email said: “CONGRATS, you are a selected winner of the 4,000,000 GBP FACEBOOK LUCKY PROMO.” All it requires for me to do is to submit my bank details and a processing fee of 150 […]

music of the frogs student poster
Rural India

Debating rice in the forest of learning

The oldest of them was 13. The rest between 10 and 12.  And barring ‘panel discussions’ on English television channels, there are few things more boring than a school ‘debate’.  Typically, you get  articulate  English-speakers […]

Official NCRB data shows dramatic increase in suicides under OTHERS category
Agrarian crisis

The slaughter of suicide data

The total number of farmer suicides in the country since 1995 crossed the 300,000-mark in 2014. However, the 2014 data are not comparable with 19 earlier years of farm suicide data. This is so due […]