Agrarian crisis

The Benz and the Banjara

Hirabai Fakira Rathod was talked into buying a new vehicle in 2010 when many banks were on a ‘tractor loan’ spree. “The salesman at the tractor shop had told me that it was very easy […]

Follow the Money

If This Is ‘Pro-Farmer’…

NO WORRIES So that’s it, then. From this year, there will no more be a ‘Statement of Revenue Foregone’ in the Union budget. There is indeed Rs 5,51,000 crore written off in corporate income tax, […]

Modi and the money acche din
Follow the Money

Lord of the Lottery Rings

The email said: “CONGRATS, you are a selected winner of the 4,000,000 GBP FACEBOOK LUCKY PROMO.” All it requires for me to do is to submit my bank details and a processing fee of 150 […]