A Dalit goes to court-1

When Bhanwari Devi’s 13 year-old daughter was raped in the bajra fields by an upper caste youth, she picked up a lathi and went after the rapist herself. She had no faith in the police […]

Rural India

The agony & the ajaat

Amitabh Bachchan has said that if ever asked about his caste by Census enumerators, his answer would be: Caste – Indian.  That, of course, would do little more than stoke the media’s Bollywood feeding frenzy […]

Agrarian crisis

In India, Farmers Face a Terrifying Crisis

On March 6, about 40,000 subsistence farmers and landless peasants, many from impoverished indigenous tribes, marched to Mumbai from Nashik, a city 112 miles northeast of India’s commercial capital. The sea of humanity flooding the […]