Rural India

A flood of assessments, a drought of humanity

How drought is defined, assessed and declared changed drastically with the Drought Management Manualfor December 2016, of the government of India’s Ministry of Agriculture. The changes disconnect crop (loss) estimates and drought assessment. And virtually […]


Ganpati Yadav’s gripping life cycle

We were late.  “Ganpati Bala Yadav has already come across from his village twice, looking for you,” said Sampat More, our journalist friend in Shirgaon. “He returned both times to his own village in Ramapur. […]


The unsung heroism of Hausabai

It did not matter to him that he was attacking his wife in front of a police station. Hausabai Patil’s drunken husband began thrashing her mercilessly. “My back started to ache with all the beatings,” […]