The People’s Archive of Rural India goes fully live on 20th December 2014

The People's Archive of Rural India (PARI) is the newest platform on rural India combining audio, video, still photo, text online featuring the work of scores of journalists, photographers, filmmakers and others

PARI - People's Archive of Rural India
PARI - People's Archive of Rural India

People’s Archive of Rural India is not-for-profit, free to view and all the contributors – journalists, writers, film-makers, editors, translators, techies, lawyers and accountants – are volunteers. It will be licensed under creative commons (version 4.0) which means the contents can be shared by others, as long as it is non-commercial. (The PARI website too is developed free of charge, by a global software company ThoughtWorks, at Ascendas tech park, Chennai.)

The website hopes to grow by public participation. Anybody can send us pictures, text articles, photo stories, films – as long as it fits our mandate – ‘the everyday life of everyday people’. Content on the site will be curated to ensure the maintenance of high standards. PARI hopes to function on crowd-funding. It will not be dependent on direct corporate or government funding.

You can read up more about the website here:

PARI will be an important educational tool, and you can find out more about that here: